How to Invest

Program participation is available to any individual, who is over 18 years of age and has a reliable Internet access. To start, one has to create the personal investment account. We assure you that you will get exceptional service and customer support.

Register an Account

You have to AGREE to our Terms and Conditions to proceed. Please fill your accurate information to avoid account suspension in the future. Please choose at least a 6-digit PIN, which will be used for withdrawal requests and account changes. Keep your password and PIN number securely from unauthorized access. Remember these are for your own security and changing your Transaction Code (PIN) would take you some time and needs you to provide your security question and answer, so use a memorable PIN and keep a note of it.

Create your e-currency account.

Create an account in one of the following websites:

Now you should active your account using login. Check your Email to see e-currency Account Number and click on Login button. Type your information and login of your account. After complete your personal information your Perfectmoney account becomes active and available for use.
After you create Perfectmoney, you will have to fund it.

Fund your e-currency account

You can use different options to fund your account:
  • Perfectmoney has the same kind of features, even you can directly wire your money to them and fund your account. More info is available in their website.

Deposit to Account.

Please login to your Account, in your right menu, you can see "Make Deposit" option.
Choose your plan, amount to spend and your desired e-currency, then click "Spend".

On the next page you need to "confirm" your deposit, and after clicking on the button you will be redirected to your payment processor website. Follow the onscreen instructions and "Return" to our website from their website. Once you are back, the payment should be in your account as "Active Deposit". Sometimes, due to server issues, connection issues,... it may not happen instantly but don't worry, we are just a support ticket, email, live chat away! Send us your transaction details, and we will attend to you as soon as possible.

How to withdraw your earnings

Earnings on your investment fund are added to your account balance every 24 hours, exactly the same time you deposited. You can withdraw your available balance at any time from Member's Area. Choose "Withdraw Funds " from account menu once you are logged in Member's Area. Select the Amount you wish to withdraw. Here you can also add any notes related to this transaction.

Review and confirm the submitted information. Your withdrawal request will be added in our system. Our staff will process it as soon as possible, without 24 hours.

Please note that your amount will be sent to your e-currency account. So if you have changed your E-Currency account, please contact our staff before requesting a withdrawal.
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